Portion guides

All cakes have a ca. 10 cm height, either with 2 big layers (american style) or 4 layers (european style) with one or 3 layers fillings. The cakes will have ganache or marzipan as 1st coating and roll fondant as the final coating. This will give the cake a neat and clean finishing.


Cake size
(round, cm in diameters)
(referred to adult portions)
10 10
15 20
20 40
20 60
30 90


Pricing guides

Kids and Celebration cakes: CHF 9 per portion, plus time and material for the toppers and floral decorations.

Wedding cake: 12 to CHF 17 per portion, depending on the decoration volume.

Time & material for the toppers and floral decorations vary a lot. Please contact me directly for quotations.

I would be glad to offer individual quote for custom size or special form as well.

Do you have a certain cake design in mind? Please go ahead and send the images to me. I would be glad to calculate the quote.

Please fill in the ordering form and upload your images there.

A friendly advise: There is such as an unwritten law between cake designer, which I would like to stick to. Out of respect to the work of other artist, cakes shouldn’t be copied 1:1. With that said, I would like to ask for your understandings, if a cake is not identical to the original but only alike.

My suggestion: let us create the cake design together. Actually I always get the greatest feedback on individually designed cake for their occasion, coming out of the discussion I held with them personally.

These cakes not only carry my signature, but they will definitely be unique just for you!

Cake and Fillings

The classic for children’s cake is my chocolate cake filled with either chocolate ganache or chocolate buttercream.

Variation of ganache are: dark, milk- or white couverture.
Variation of buttercream offered are:
Vanilla, raspberry, blueberry and chocolate.
If you’d choose a 4 layer cake, I usually combine the fillings with my homemade seasonal jam. This is though only an option and depends on the stock of jam.

The first choice for cakes are mostly vanilla sponge cake.
This can be combined with ganache or buttercream as described above.

Do you have a special cake in mind, that is not listed above? Please contact me with your wish.

Another important information that I need to know is, if you have any allergies or any intolerances on ingredients.

Wedding cake design, tasting sample and consultancy:

Do you wish for a consultancy including cake tasting? I would be glad to welcome you to my studio with your desired samples. Please do make an early appointment ahead. The consultancy itself is free of charge. If you wish to have cake tasting, I offer max. of 4 variation/combination which cost CHF 35,00.


Order/Quotation form

Please consult me as early as possible!

Min. 4 weeks in advance.

For special/individual design and form (e.g., Car cakes) min. 5 weeks in advance.

For wedding cakes min. 8 weeks in advance.