About me

My name is Anna and I’m a Do It Yourself person by nature. Very passionate about creating, I bring my creative energy and drive in everything that I do. I get a sense of enjoyment and fulfillment from seeing my finish product. My formula is a combination of personal touch, uniqueness and high quality. My formula became my stamp. These brought me to the conceptualization of “About a Cake” logo. A simple stamp thats makes my cakes and cookies distinct.

How everything started? It started with an intimate occasion, a wedding of a dear friend. I wanted to give a wedding present that is unique, high quality and has personal touch. Armed with passion for baking, my DIY nature, and the fact that the wedding date is 3 months away, I have decided to make their wedding cake. This is the start of my story… about a cake.

My story

After my very first wedding cake, I started receiving cake orders for various occasion. Initially as a self taught cake artist, I was happy for every challenge from customers request. Orders kept coming, I learned a lot, acquired new skills and mastered my craft. However, I wanted to notch up my skills and decided to learn from professionals. Peggy Porschen Academy in England seemed to be the right choice for me as I really adore Peggy’s clean and elegant work. Her story and her long list of top clienteles in the like of Sir Elton John, Kate Moss, Madonna and so much more are amazing.

That is my story. Now I wanted to share my experience, knowledge and skills with you in my workshops and on creating your dream cake. Please have a look at my course description and dates. I am looking forward to having you in my workshop.

The DIY movement is growing because of people like us. Learning new skills and reviving old ones, join me as we build exceptional cakes custom made to our desire. My workshops is about the power and joy that comes from “DYing.” Let me teach you what I’ve learned over years so to say from DIYers to DIYs.

Anna Marie Donner

Anna Marie Donner